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March 25, 2020

Perform Hands-Free Imaging QA with Cerberus

Lead by: Gaurav Shastri, M.S. - Medical Physicist

Join RIT for our upcoming webinar! Learn how to streamline your image analysis workflow: Cerberus is working, even when you're not. Cerberus automatically pin-points specific files to match custom criteria with no clicks, completely hands-free. It will match any set criteria, such as file naming patterns, DICOM tag matches, or file types. Incorporate this automated features into your workflow for increased efficiency and capability!

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❯❯ REGISTER NOW 03.25 - 7:00 am MDT (1:00 pm GMT)

❯❯ REGISTER NOW 03.25 - 1:00 pm MDT (7:00 pm GMT)

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