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The RIT EPID phantom provides a low-cost solution for all TG-142 recommended MV imaging tests. This phantom, with its innovative design and simple, flexible setup, was developed by RIT specifically for Planar MV Imaging QA. It features support for all EPID devices, including: Varian aS500/aS1000/ aS1200, Elekta iView™, and Siemens EPID.



Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 24 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: <1.95 kg
  • Composition: Solid Water
  • Test Object Quantity/Size/Composition:
    - 4 Aluminum Plugs (20 mm)
    - 5 sets of 4 Copper Plugs (4.1, 8.6, 13.3, and 19.6 mm)
    - 2 Tungsten BBs (0.8 mm)
    - 2 Tungsten BBs (1.6 mm)
  • Additional features:
    - Alignment marks for room lasers
    - Can be placed directly on the EPID surface



Perform Routine EPID QA

Combine the power of RIT software and the RIT EPID phantom.

  • Automated tracking, trending, and reporting with RITtrend
  • Uniformity and noise testing

Use the aluminum plugs to measure:

  • Geometric accuracy
  • Low-contrast detectability

Use the copper plugs to measure:

  • EPID signal isotrophy

Use the tungsten BBs to measure:

  • Resolution


iView™ is a trademark of Elekta, AB.
RITtrend™ is a trademark of Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.


Click to download the RIT EPID Phantom brochure.


The RIT L-Rad phantom provides a low-cost solution for medical physicists to perform EPID-based radiation field size and light field coincidence checks. This lightweight phantom’s innovative design allows for both standard and asymmetrical radiation vs. light field tests, at a variety of field sizes.



Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm x 0.9 cm
  • Weight: <0.28 kg (Very Lightweight)
  • Composition: Solid Water
  • Test Object Quantity/Size/Composition: Ten 3.2 mm Stainless Steel BBs
  • Field Size Fiducial Markers: 5 cm x 5 cm, 10 cm x 10 cm, 15 cm x 15 cm, and 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Additional features:
    - Embedded BBs for phantom edges, center, and offset locations
    - Laser alignment marks placed for utmost accuracy
    - Phantom can be used on EPID surface or couch




Perform Routine, Automated QA

Combine the power of RIT software and the RIT L-Rad phantom.

  • Perform EPID-based radiation vs. light field coincidence verifications, both standard and asymmetrical
  • Verify couch movement, including three-dimensional travel and rotation
  • Verify EPID scaling and travel, using the embedded BBs
  • Verify field size



Click to download the RIT L-Rad brochure.

Winston-Lutz Cube

The Winston-Lutz Cube is designed for comprehensive isocenter verification for SRS and SBRT. This low-cost solution provides a simple, efficient, and highly reproducible method for characterizing Gantry, Collimator, and Couch isocenter deviation.


Winston-Lutz Cube

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 6 cm x 6 cm
  • Weight: < 0.22 kg (Very Lightweight)
  • Center Ball Diameter: 6.35 mm
  • Center Ball Composition: Tungsten
  • Center Ball Positioning: Within 0.1 mm of center
  • Additional features:
    - Central object marked by intuitive fiducial markings
    - Alignment marks for room lasers
    - No assembly or film needed



Perform Routine Isocenter QA with RIT Software

  • Analyze Winston-Lutz images to fully characterize isocenter with sub-millimeter accuracy.
  • Utilize phantom for RIT's patented* Virtual Starshot routine, removing the need for film starshots.
    *RIT Patents: US 9192784, JP 6009705, and CA 2918045. Other international patents pending
  • RIT software provides recommendations for mechanical adjustments to optimize isocenter deviation.
Winston-Lutz Cube and RIT


Click to download the Winston-Lutz Cube brochure.


The quick and easy-to-use ISOCube™ verifies that all imaging, localization, and targeting systems are aligned to the true radiation isocenter, allowing for comprehensive IGRT QA.



Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: Cube: 12 x 12 cm, Alignment Plate: 26.6 x 32 x 4.5 cm
  • Weight: Cube: 1.7 kg, Plate: 1.1 kg (Lightweight)
  • Composition: Cube: CIRS Plastic Water®, Plate: Delrin
  • Center & Offset Fiducial Size/Composition: 6.35 mm Alumina Ceramic Ball
  • Additional features:
    - Accurate, intuitive fiducial markers for central & offset objects
    - Alignment plate for fast, easy, sub-mm alignment accuracy
    - Attaches to standard treatment couch indexing systems
    - High-resolution bubble level, accurate to 0.1˚



Perform Automated, Routine IGRT QA

Use RIT software and the ISOCube™ phantom to:

  • Verify kV and MV imager coincidence
  • Verify laser alignment
  • Verify light field size
  • Verify CBCT isocenter coincidence
  • Analyze ODI accuracy
  • Perform radiation vs. light field alignment
  • Verify couch accuracy using offset target fiducials
  • Perform 6 Degree-of-Freedom couch motion analysis

Radia Module Features:

Conform to TG-142 recommendations and perform fully-automated analyses for imaging QA, with no manual image manipulation required. Radia software immediately indicates PASS/FAIL results and specifies both the status of the analysis and whether or not results fall within tolerance parameters.

Track and trend results using the RITtrend analysis database for statistical process control and export results quickly as intuitive PDF reports.

ISOCube is a trademark of IMT, Inc.
RITtrend™ is a trademark of Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.
Plastic Water® is a registered trademark of Computerized Imaging Referencing Systems, Inc. (CIRS)

ISOCube and RIT


Click to download the ISOCube™ Phantom brochure.