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Fully-automated image classification,
no clicks required


When One Click is Too Many

RITCognition® uses a series of discrimination routines to identify the phantom associated with each image. With this true, independent, automatic image classification, Imaging QA has never been easier. Automate all of your TG-142 phantom analyses.

The advanced RITCognition® system continuously updates to improve the discrimination accuracy of its classification models. (US Patent #9466012)

Areas of Use

  • Image QA Main Interface

    As the user opens an image, the software automatically classifies the image and proceeds to analyze it, with no interaction required from the user.

  • RunQueueC Interface

    The user can open multiple images. The software will then analyze each one and automatically-load the appropriate analysis.

  • Cerberus with Drag & Drop

    For fully-automated image analysis workflow, use Cerberus, RIT's file watcher or file hunter, along with RITCognition®. Cerberus will pinpoint an image, and RITCognition® will automatically recognize the image, analyze it appropriately, and save the results. True automation.



RITCognition® is a registered trademark of Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc.